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CV & Work


This section contains some information about my work, my experience in university and my thesis work. There is also a page containing my curriculum vitae in the classical european format, if anyone is interested.

If you would like to take a look to my thesis work, please download the files in this page following the links at the bottom. This work has been carried on in ENI, during 7 months of stage in the reservoir modeling department in ENI Exploration and Production division. I finished my thesis the 16 September 2002.

The thesis title (translated in english) is "Validation Of A Non-Local Optimization Algorithm Using History Matching Problems". In this work, I have analyzed the performances of a mathematical global optimization algorithm called Tunnelling, using the code implemented by Susana Gòmez et al. at the National University of Mexico. Following this link, You will find all the information about the Tunnelling method.


  1. Introduzione
  2. Il Problema Di History Matching
  3. Il Metodo Di Tunneling
  4. Il Caso PunqS3
  5. Analisi Dei Risultati
  6. Conclusioni
  7. Referenze E Bibliografia


Unfortunately, the thesis is written in italian. However, if you are interested in particular aspects (like implementation, results, performances), please don't hesitate to cantact me by e-mail.