WindowTree can easily be uses to look at the sizer and/or window hierarchy of any wxPython applications. Since we usually have some quite dynamic interfaces, it's handy to inspect them using the tree views that WindowTree provides.

Some Features:

The main features are sizer or widgets hierarchy laid out using a wx.TreeCtrl. I have used a variety of icons to indicate the window state or the sizer type. (See Help->Legend) When you select a node in the window tree (i.e., a wx.Window), its size is displayed. When you select a node in the sizer tree (i.e., a wx.Window or wx.Sizer) in sizer hierarchy mode, the size and most sizer options are displayed. If the Tree->Flash selected windows toggle is set, a box outlining the window or sizer is flashed when a node is selected. To help test a layout, there is a popup menu on each tree node that calls Hide, Show, Enable, Disable, etc.. Others could be added of course.

There is also an alternative (more descriptive) icon set, which associates to every known control a particular icon. Please toggle the "Edit" => "Use Full Descriptive Icons" menu to enable it.

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