SuperToolTip is a class that mimics the behaviour of wx.TipWindow and generic tooltip windows, although it is a custom-drawn widget. This class supports:

  • Blended triple-gradient for the tooltip background;
  • Header text and header image, with possibility to set the header font independently;
  • Footer text and footer image, with possibility to set the footer font independently;
  • Multiline text message in the tooltip body, plus an optional image as "body image";
  • Bold lines and hyperlink lines in the tooltip body;
  • A wide set of predefined drawing styles for the tooltip background;
  • Drawing of separator lines after the header and/or before the footer;
  • Rounded corners and shadows below the tooltip window (Windows XP only);
  • Fade in/fade out effects (Windows XP only);
  • User-settable delays for the delay after which the tooltip appears and the delay after which the tooltip is destroyed.

And a lot more. Check the demo for an almost complete review of the functionalities.

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