RulerCtrl implements a ruler window that can be placed on top, bottom, left or right to any wxPython widget. It is somewhat similar to the rulers you can find in text editors software, though not so powerful.
RulerCtrl has the following characteristics:

  • Can be horizontal or vertical;
  • 4 built-in formats: integer, real, time and linearDB formats;
  • Units (as cm, dB, inches) can be displayed together with the label values;
  • Possibility to add a number of "paragraph indicators", small arrows that point at the current indicator position;
  • Customizable background colour, tick colour, label colour;
  • Possibility to flip the ruler (i.e. changing the tick alignment);
  • Changing individually the indicator colour (requires PIL at the moment);
  • Different window borders are supported;
  • Logarithmic scale available;
  • Possibility to draw a thin line over a selected window when moving an indicator, which emulates the text editors software.

And a lot more. See the demo for a review of the functionalities (even if also the demo does not include all the options supported by RulerCtrl).

Download RulerCtrl

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