LabelBook and FlatImageBook are a quasi-full implementations of the wx.Notebook, and designed to be a drop-in replacement for wx.Notebook. The API functions are similar so one can expect the function to behave in the same way.
LabelBook anf FlatImageBook share their appearance with wx.Toolbook and wx.Listbook, while having more options for custom drawings, label positioning, mouse pointing and so on. Moreover, they retain also some visual characteristics of the Outlook address book.

Some features:

  • They are generic controls;
  • Supports for left, right, top (FlatImageBook only), bottom (FlatImageBook only) book styles;
  • Possibility to draw images only, text only or both (FlatImageBook only);
  • Support for a "pin-button", that allows the user to shrink/expand the book tab area;
  • Shadows behind tabs (LabelBook only);
  • Gradient shading of the tab area (LabelBook only);
  • Web-like mouse pointing on tabs style (LabelBook only);
  • Many customizable colours (tab area, active tab text, tab borders, active tab, highlight) - LabelBook only.

And much more. See the demo for a quasi-complete review of all the functionalities of LabelBook and FlatImageBook.

Download LabelBook

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