The FlatNotebook is a full implementation of the wx.Notebook, and designed to be a drop-in replacement for wx.Notebook. The API functions are similar so one can expect the function to behave in the same way.

Some features:

  • The buttons are highlighted a la Firefox style
  • The scrolling is done for bulks of tabs (so, the scrolling is faster and better)
  • The buttons area is never overdrawn by tabs (unlike many other implementations I saw)
  • It is a generic control
  • Currently there are 4 different styles - VC8, VC71, Standard and Fancy
  • Mouse middle click can be used to close tabs
  • A function to add right click menu for tabs (simple as SetRightClickMenu)
  • All styles has bottom style as well (they can be drawn in the bottom of screen)
  • An option to hide 'X' button or navigation buttons (separately)
  • Gradient coloring of the selected tabs and border
  • Support for drag 'n' drop of tabs, both in the same notebook or to another notebook
  • Possibility to have closing button on the active tab directly
  • Support for disabled tabs
  • Colours for active/inactive tabs, and captions
  • Background of tab area can be painted in gradient (VC8 style only)
  • Colourful tabs - a random gentle colour is generated for each new tab (very cool, VC8 style only)

Check the demo for an almost complete review of the functionalities.

Download FlatNotebook

Python Files